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Paper Route Gets Real With Real Emotion





Paper Route gets real with Real Emotion. Real Emotion marks the band third full-length album and with this album Paper Route certainly delivers.  The album much like the band itself grew organically and from the beginning the band’s creativeness, ingenuity, chemistry and charged enemy made for a winning combination.  Paper Route emerged onto the music scene in 2004 with JT Daly taking on dual roles of lyricist, and front man, Chad Howat, bass, piano and programming and Nick Aranda, guitar.  The was born as remedy for Daly’s insomnia and what was what created was melody-driven alt rock.


The band’s creative vision doesn’t end with this music with they’re also skilled artists as well, Frontman JT Daly also a lifelong artist created visual inspiration in the form of a room installation with all the surrounding walls and floor draped in individual pieces each inspired by a track off Real Emotion and from the themes emerging within the new music.  The album explores just that the thoughts and mentality of how we think and why how to maintain being real, being you and balancing that struggle with everyday life and each track on the album portrays those emotions in some way.  The album begins slowly with a building crescendo from the first track to the next. It begins with the aptly titled “Intro”.


“ Intro” has an angelic, ethereal quality but builds into some sort of anthem and reminiscent of Madonna’s “ Like a Prayer”.  It’s a foundation for what’s to come leaving their emotion from their sleeves and putting in front for all to see with the “ Writing on the Wall”.

The “ Writing on the Wall” builds momentum in the album, right out of the gate.  Catchy pop rock at its best, this rock ballad will become one you will play over and over again.  Like real emotions the tracks on the album take on a rollercoaster with “Pretend”.

“ Pretend” has an 80’s rock sound and is a well-crafted rock song, it’s the time of song you want to just sit down and listen to after a long day.  The band switches gears and speeds things up with their first single off the album “Chariots”.

“Chariots” has an electro-pop sound that’s amplified by heavy drums and percussion the track holds its own on the album with its ability to add more elements to the song without overpowering its melody and intention and creates an anthem you’ll want to listen to over and over again.  The album is also full of surprises that reveal themselves in tracks like “ Untitled”, “Blue -Collar Day Dream” and “ Second Place”.

“ Untitled” is a slow, sexy and deeply poignant ballad, subdued and understated in a good way and is an interlude and offers balance in such a high-energy rock record.  “ Blue Collar Day Dream” evokes blissful euphoria with an instrumental, ethereal and peaceful quality about perfect for contemplation or reflection.  “ Second Place” is probably the most aptly titled song on the album because it blends in with the rest of the tracks, it’s the underdog and ironically one of the best tracks on the album. It has the perfect balance of guitar, bass and drums and with great lyrics this subdued ballad is a moment of perfection everything just comes together in this song.


Paper Route has succeeded with this their third album to balance Real Emotion with great musicality and heart.